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Our warranties

Our thermal pane replacement warranty

Thermos Maximum Inc. offers a 15-year warranty on standard glass and a 10-year warranty on shaped, tempered, or special glass against interior fogging, film, or dust deposits caused by a lack of joint tightness in the sealed unit. This warranty is valid from the date of purchase and requires proof of purchase. Installation of films, coatings, or foils on the glass voids the warranty. Glass breakage and thermal breakage are excluded from the warranty.

For the first 12 months, the warranty covers the cost of a new unit and installation. After that, Thermos Maximum Inc. provides a new unit in exchange for the defective one, but the customer is responsible for installation costs. If fogging occurs, customers can choose between free defogging or replacement of the defective thermal pane, with labor not included for the latter. There is no warranty against breakage after installation by Thermos Maximum Inc.

The warranty is transferable to new building owners with proof of purchase or the original owner’s warranty certificate. However, transferability may be canceled if a supplier’s warranty is refused due to their conditions and limitations. Travel costs may apply for issues not covered by the warranty, such as poor caulking or complaints unrelated to replaced thermal panes.

Our window defogging warranty

Thermos Maximum Inc. offers a 10-year warranty on the restoration process for commercial and residential windows, subject to terms and conditions. The warranty starts from the work completion date, provided it is paid for and proof is given. It’s transferable upon building sale, and claims must be made within 30 days of discovering the issue. If droplets reappear after six weeks, Thermos Maximum Inc. will either restore the window again for free or replace the sealed unit, deducting 80% of the defogging cost from the new unit’s total amount. The customer pays the difference plus applicable taxes.

If glass breakage occurs during the technicians’ work, they will replace the thermal pane, deducting the restoration amount for the same window. Thermal breakage, condensation (fogging) on sealed units’ surfaces, and exterior condensation (fogging) are explained but not included in the warranty.

Thermos Maximum Inc. is not liable for damages or defects caused by improper maintenance, natural disasters, chemical products, misuse, unauthorized repairs, or other exclusions listed. The limited warranty defines the company’s maximum liability and excludes responsibility for special, indirect, or incidental damages. The remedies described are unique and exclusive, with no other warranties implied or expressed.