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Have you been holding off on your window replacement due to cost?

Thermos Maximum is here to change that. We’re excited to announce our partnership with FinanceIT, bringing you an easy and affordable way to upgrade your windows.

Now, you don’t have to compromise on comfort and energy efficiency because of budget constraints. We’re offering flexible financing options for our top-tier thermal pane replacement services. With a swift application process and approval within minutes, getting your windows replaced has never been easier.

Benefits that will make you dream!
With Thermos Maximum and FinanceIT, you can finance up to $100,000 for your window replacement project. But that’s not all. Enjoy the benefits of:

Competitive interest rates


Flexible payment terms that fit your budget


No penalties for early repayment


Private & Secyre


Pre-qualification won't affect your credit score

Secure transactions guaranteed

Plus, secure transactions assured, your personal and financial data are safe with us.
No payments
or interest for 6 months
Take advantage of this promotion today!