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Window Defogging

Rediscover the clarity of your windows with our window defogging service

Are you tired of foggy, dull, and unattractive windows? Continuing to ignore the problem will only make it worse, leading to higher repair costs.

Our window defogging service is here to help. Window defogging is an energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and, most importantly, cost-effective solution. Our foggy window restoration process is much less inconvenient than traditional window replacement and is also carried out on-site by professionals who are committed to your complete satisfaction.

The advantages of defogging

Reduced cost

Defogging is much cheaper than complete window replacement, allowing you to save money while solving the problem.


By choosing defogging, you reduce material waste and contribute to environmental preservation.


Defogging is a fast process that does not require the intervention of many professionals, unlike complete window replacement.

Improved energy efficiency

Defogging restores the energy efficiency of your windows by eliminating moisture and reducing heat loss.

Restored aesthetics

Defogging returns your windows to their original clarity and beauty, improving the appearance of your home.

Our Technique
How is window defogging done?
The specialist drills two diagonal holes (top and bottom) on the outer pane. A powerful, eco-friendly soap is injected between the panes to remove all dirt. Then, they inject an alcohol-based liquid to remove the accumulated water and moisture. Finally, the technician installs micro evacuation valves (vents) opposite the holes. This allows humidity control and extends the life of your windows. Therefore, the longer you tolerate foggy windows, the more irrecoverable the damage will become.
Up to 50% less expensive than window replacement
Don’t let foggy windows spoil your view and cost you dearly in repairs. Trust our window defogging service to bring your windows back to life and improve your comfort at home. Contact us today for your free quote.