We have some of the best warranties on the market. Our 15-year thermos warranty is transferable to new home buyers.

Please note that for all warranty claims, proof of purchase is required.


  • If water droplets, fog or a white or blue mist reappears within 12 months following the date of restoration, we will give you 100% credit for the price paid for the defective window, which can be applied toward a new thermal window. After the first twelve months through 10 years, the credit is 75%, and 5 years till the end 50% credit for the price paid for defogging services can be applied on a thermal window replacement, completed by Thermos Maximum.


  • It is completely normal for fog to appear during the drying period, which varies from season to season and depending on sun exposure. This period may last up to 10 weeks. Fog should not be considered a problem if it appears during the drying process.


  • It is the customer’s responsibility to notify us if fog persists after the 6-week drying period (10 weeks in cold weather). After this period, mineral deposits or oxidation may appear inside the window and we will be held responsible for such damage.


  • If our defogging devices (vents) prove to be defective within the 15 years following the restoration date, we will replace them at no cost to you. Vents that come loose are defective. Travel expenses may apply if problems that are not covered by our guarantee are encountered.


  • Note that if windows or spacers begin to yellow and/or window films (Low-E) come undone, such events will not be considered as defects as our guarantee covers fogging only. As a result, Thermos Maximum cannot be held responsible for these conditions.

Our remplacement warranty

Thermos Maximum offers a 15-year warranty on clear windows and energy-efficient windows (Low-E/Argon) for the formation of humidity on internal pane surfaces caused by poor waterproofing at the joint (not due to broken glass). The guarantee includes labour by the retailer for a period of one (1) year. There is no guarantee for broken window glass (thermal window breakage) following installation by Thermos Maximum.

If fog persists, the customer can decide to have the window restored (defogged) free of charge or to replace the defective thermal window. Please note that labour is not included for replacements.



Under no circumstances will Thermos Maximum be held responsible for damage or defects caused by:

  • Poor maintenance
  • High-pressure window washing
  • Weather-stripping that is not maintained in good condition
  • Pre-existing humidity problems in the home (condensation on the window, on the home’s inside face)
  • A defective window (rotting, broken or missing waterproofing joints)
  • A client who alters our defogging mechanism
  • A broken window
  • A catastrophe, storm, tornado, or any act of nature or event outside of Thermos Maximum’s control
  • Mineral deposits, scuffs, scratches, crushed glass, silica stains or a window film (Low-E) that comes undone
  • Breakage that occurs as we complete our work. If such a situation arises, we will replace the thermal window with a new window with the same quality. There will therefore be no additional fees to the price agreed on for defogging services.


This limited guarantee establishes the company’s maximum responsibility. The company will not be responsible for unusual, indirect or incident-related damages. Your only recourse in the case of loss or damages in any instance must take the above requirements into account. Thermos Maximum offers no other guarantee, either explicit or implied, including all implied commercial guarantees and warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, to the original user or subsequent users, than the guarantee provided in this document. The recourse described in this document must be considered unique and exclusive.